Gold Nugget in Bluebird


Want a responsive, soulful and nuanced tone? Look no further. Where other amps are killing tone with knobs, switches, and gizmos, Golden Phi is removing them. Your fingers make the tone, no need for a bunch of unnecessary circuitry. The Nugget minimizes the path between your fingers and the audience’s ears.

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The Gold Nugget is our must-own-tone amplifier. Based on the 5E3, “Tweed Deluxe” circuit, we have incorporated corrections to design flaws in the originals. The Gold Nugget uses a pair of matched 6V6 tubes to pump 18 watts of blues-rock tone. The unique, and minimalistic, preamp includes normal and bright channels which can be jumpered to really diversify the player’s tonal palette. The ultra-sensitive Nugget responds like only a Golden Phi amp can – it is the pinnacle in touch-sensitivity. Without ever touching the amp a player can go from crystal cleans to chunky rhythm, searing leads and back again. For example, rolling back tone with high volume on the guitar gets a great crunchy rhythm, but just reverse the guitar’s tone and volume for sparkling cleans. Changing your pick attack is muted in many of today’s amplifiers – on the Gold Nugget it is richly rewarded. A 12AY7 comes stock in the Nugget’s pre-amp, some players swap in a 12AX7 for a bit more overdrive. The phase inverter uses a 12AX7 and the Nugget uses a carefully matched-pair of 6V6s for the power section. A single 5Y3 tube provides rectification for the ultimate in retro-voltage sag and authentic tone. Many companies forgo tube rectification these days but we find it essential to capture that authentic 5E3 experience. Like all Golden Phi amps the Nugget is hand-built using only the highest quality materials and vintage components available. From cloth-wrapped wire to premium transformers and capacitors, the Gold Nugget is built to last generations– just like its predecessors. Available in head or combo.