Gold Dust Tweed Plus


The Gold Dust amplifier is a most faithful reproduction of the great tweed Champs of yesteryear. A meticulously reproduced 5F1 circuit from the original 1950s era deluxe schematics, the Gold Dust incorporates several layout innovations to improve tone, subdue noise and increase reliability. All Gold Dusts are built with a NOS output transformer.

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The 5F1 circuit is famous for its touch sensitivity and big sound for recording. Simply picking strings harder or lighter will change your tone. Likewise, adjusting the volume on your guitar will dramatically affect your tone. For example, turn your amp Volume to 9 or 10–(it goes to 12 like the original)–with your guitar volume at 6 and your tone will become rich and sparkly. Roll the Tone on your guitar back to 5 or 6 for a great rhythm tone. Leave your guitar Tone on 6 and increase your guitar Volume to 10 for crunchy rhythm. The combinations of settings become endless with this interactive, touch-sensitive circuit. This is why the Champ style 5F1 circuit is one of the most valued amplifiers and is found in the arsenal of performing and recording musicians around the world. It is perhaps most famously used by Eric Clapton and Duane Allman in the recording of Layla.

The Gold Dust employs one 12AX7 preamp tube and a single 6V6 power tube for warm and rich overtones. Unlike many imitators, the Dust employs true tube rectification using a 5Y3 tube. It is only through tube rectification that the characteristic power-sag can be produced, creating unique tones and unparalleled character in the amp’s responsiveness.