Jared Squires

Jared Squires is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer, composer, and founding member of the Seattle based 9-piece funk fusion dance band, Cytrus. From bending genres such as jazz, psychedelic funk, hip-hop, disco, soul, and trap music, Jared has curated his own unique blend of productions that are catchy to the masses while maintaining the vulnerability of a true artist. Jared prides himself on being able to capture the attention of musicians as well as everyday listeners, a benchmark he strives to uphold. His main objective is to make the listener feel, regardless of what they may feel.

Jared worked with Don to create the ultimate amp for his unique sound. Features include a 50-watt head, two 6L6’s, three 12AX7s, a GZ34 rectifier with two channels each, and their own volume control; one bright channel with 2 inputs and one normal channel with 2 inputs. This beauty also includes a ground switch and two speaker-out jacks with 4/8 ohm selector.

As with all our amps, this gem is hand-built using only the highest quality materials and vintage components available. From cloth-wrapped wire to premium transformers and capacitors, our amps are built to last generations just like its predecessors.

Don Mills, Owner/Builder
665 Discovery Way
Eastsound, WA 98245-8506

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