Out with the new, in with the old.

All-tube guitar and harp amplifiers for working musicians.

About Our Studio

Golden Phi Amplification Engineering is well known as the gold standard in all-tube guitar and harp amplification.  At Golden Phi, we are all about durability and tone.  Our innovations make our amps second to none in musically natural tube crunch, sparkle, and rock solid low-end.

It’s About Quality

The only thing more important than your guitar is your amp.  An economical guitar will sound fantastic through a great amp, but the highest quality custom shop axe will sound like a toy through a low-quality amp. It’s all about quality.

Artists Love Golden Phi Amps

Our amps are hand-built using only the highest quality materials and vintage components available. All circuitry is hand-soldered, point to point wiring; we never use premade circuit boards. Carbon composition resistors, Orange Drop capacitors, cloth-wrapped wire, and premium transformers are the standard for our high-quality artisan amps. Guaranteed to provide years of dependable service and enjoyment for this generation and the next.

Don Mills, Owner/Builder
665 Discovery Way
Eastsound, WA 98245-8506

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