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Randy Hansen Signature Series Amplifier
The Randy Hansen Signature Series Amplifier  is a special flavor of
our flagship amplifier.  It is especially voiced to accommodate the wide tonal
landscapes needed to cover one of the greatest players of our time.

Like the Gold Nugget, expect about 18 Watts from a pair of matched 6V6
tubes, tube rectification and a responsive, soulful base tone that
responds to a player's input as well, if not better, than  any amp ever

Randy loves the touch sensitive response and the perfect tone in a
manageable 18 watt package.

Like all our amps, dialing into a great basic tone will only be the
beginning of the sonic tour.  Adjust your guitar's controls and instantly
hear the amp respond.  We minimize the components between 
your fingers and ears!

With a Golden Phi Randy Hansen amp the knobs on your guitar are no
longer just ornaments - generally made so because of the 'knob-itis'
other amp builders suffer from - Golden Phi unleashes the artist by
making great tone and staying out of the way.

Like all Golden Phi amps this amp is hand-built using only
the highest quality materials and vintage components available. From
cloth-wrapped wire to premium transformers and capacitors, our amps are 
built to last generations just like its predecessors.

Please see the article on Interactive Volume Controls under the Tube Amp
 Topics tab.