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Golden Phi Amplification Engineering Products
Only new and NOS components go into our amps.  Circuitry is all hand-soldered, point to point wiring--NO CIRCUIT BOARD.   Carbon comp resistors, Orange Drop capacitors and Heyboer transformers are the norm for these high quality amps.  If the vintage predecessors are any gauge, our amplifiers will also provide  years of dependable service.

JENSEN SPEAKERS ARE THE STOCK CHOICE IN ALL OUR AMPS AND CABS.  Our favorites are the Vintage and Jensen Jet Falcon ceramics and the alnico Blackbird. See for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our website.  
Gold Nugget Combo                    $1,449
        16 watts  1 x 12   2- 6V6's
Gold Nugget head only                $1,249

Golden Harp                                  $1,449
        16 watts   1 x 12   2 - 6V6's

Randy Hansen Signature Amp  $1,849
        18 watt Head & 2 x 12 cab

Gold Dust Champ                         $750
        6 watts     1 x 8     1 - 6V6

Gold Bar Combo                           $1,549
        25 Watts    1 x 12    2 - 6L6's
Gold Bar head only                      $1,449

Gold Standard                              $2,475​
        40 watts, 4 x 10 combo

Gold'n'Brown $1,589​
  12 watts from 2 - 6K6's switchable to  18 watts from 4 - 6K6's. 

Gold Sovereign                            $1,379
         18 Watt     1 x 12     2 - EL84's
White Gold
    50 Watt 4x10 and 2 x12 Stacks

Wood: Bamboo, Birch, Pine, Cocobolo, Cherry, Indian Rosewood, etc..  

Dimensions adhere to the Golden Ratio for both sonic and visual perfection.  

Coverings: Tweed, Tolex (varoius colors) natural wood.
(For WA state sales tax, add 9.6%)
I will be happy to consult with you on modifications, or  building your custom dream amp.

 Jensen, Eminence, Celestion, Mojo American Vintage, and Mojo British Vintage speakers. 

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.