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Lot's of companies claim to deliver that elusive "brown" sound, but we deliver,
and in true Golden Phi fashion.

The Gold'n'Brown is a full-on rock machine capable of delivering a heavy
handed blues cream to the ultimate in classic rock. While the tone is
different, our approach doesn't vary - we keep the path between ears and
fingers minimalistic. The Brown features a swappable power section and a unique
foot-controlled boost circuit. 

Our boost circuit is unique: from subtle volume increase to searing leads we've
got you covered. Mostly notable is an increase in break-up. You can even use
this to keep the amp clean at high volume and then unleash the rich distortion
from the power section. We promise your experimentation will be seriously

Normal and bright input channels can also be jumpered for even more tonal
variety. Despite the 'minimal' number of knobs on our amp the player has limitless options using guitar controls, pick attack and combinations of the inputs to create a unique and diverse all-you-can-eat buffet of tone.

In the power section players choose either 2 - 6K6's or 4 - 6K6 power tubes. With 4 - 6K6s the Brown pushes about 18 watts and around 12 watts with 2 - 6K6 tubes. We always recommend matching your power tubes.

Like all Golden Phi amps the Gold'n'Brown is hand-built using only the
highest quality materials and vintage components available.  From cloth-wrapped
wire to premium transformers and even capacitors, this is built to last for